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Investment Management & Advice

As a successful executive, professional or business owner you have unlimited access to information about financial planning, investment advice, tax and estate strategies.  How do you choose from so many alternatives?

At Panarella Wealth Management, we work to simplify this process for you and guide you to the options that matter most to you and your family.

During the planning process, we will identify the appropriate amount of liquidity, longevity and legacy assets you will need to achieve your goals.  Once your investment policy is created, we invest your funds across a range of asset classes to balance investment risk with long term returns and tax efficiency.

We utilize a comprehensive range of active and passive investment styles and capabilities across both traditional and alternative asset classes.  Portfolios include stocks, bonds, institutional share class mutual funds and exchange traded funds and can be invested for growth, income or principal preservation.

Our clients are invested in assets that are transparent (values update daily) and are also liquid (meaning you have access to your funds within 1-3 days).

Investment performance and markets are monitored daily and portfolios are re-balanced when appropriate based on market and economic trends.  Clients receive timely market updates and ongoing education on current hot topics.

To discuss market updates from the past quarter or our outlook for the upcoming quarter contact our office at 860-263-7533 or schedule a discovery session below.

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We provide clients advice on

Rollover IRAs | Roth IRA & Conversion Strategies | Sep & Simple IRAs | Defined Benefit Pensions | 401k Employer- Sponsored Plans | Taxable Investment Accounts | Donor Advised Funds | 529 College Saving Plans | UTMA Child Accounts

Asset Allocation & Portfolio Management | Domestic & International Equities | Bond & Fixed Income Investments | Alternative Investment Strategies | Investment Income | Cash Management | Investment Performance Analysis | Single Stock Diversification | Stock Option Planning & Restricted Stock Grants

Retirement Income Needs | Education Planning & Saving | Life Insurance Strategies | Long-term Care Analysis | RMD Calculations for IRA’s | Risk Management & Asset Protection | Social Security Benefit Options | Retirement Planning | Setting Up Trust Accounts | Tax-Efficient Distribution Of Wealth | Charitable Giving Strategies

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