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What Is A Registered Investment Advisor?

Fiduciary Advisory Standards and Simple Fee Structure

As a Registered Investment Advisor(RIA), Panarella Wealth Management LLC acts in a fiduciary capacity when giving investment advice. A fiduciary capacity means that decisions and recommendations must be made in our client’s best interests. As a fee based practice, we do not accept any compensation from third parties, which prevents any potential conflicts and allows us to remain unbiased and truly concentrate on your best interests. Our simple fee structure allows a flat fee as a percentage of assets under management so our goals are aligned with yours.

Account Custodian and Security Of Your Investments

Our client account custodian is Charles Schwab Co., Inc. (Schwab Advisor Services).  We selected Schwab (previously TD Ameritrade) in 2012 due to their innovative technology, seamless account integration and outstanding client service team. When it comes to account information protection, Schwab has made substantial investments in leading-edge security software, systems, and procedures and is constantly upgrading it's security infrastructure.  Schwab is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and provides clients with additional protection for securities and cash through supplemental coverage.

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